Could you have enough faith to do the right thing?

Sometimes the choices can be deadly.

The Keeper: Second in The Wallis Jones Series

Wallis Jones returns in The Keeper, the second book in the Wallis Jones series, and is picking up the pieces after finding out she's part of a conspiracy she can't kill off while she tries to learn to live inside of it. Her husband, Norman has been part of the conspiracy all along but kept his silence. Her son, Ned is growing up and still reeling from getting caught in the crossfire. Two large secret organizations now see him as the prize but Wallis has different plans.

A war has broken out as one side tries to force the hand of the other and they battle across state lines trying to gain control and win the presidential election. All along, Wallis works to build a life and get out of the way. The Keeper shows up in a twist and changes the landscape for her, once again testing her faith, her resolve and making her question if, for once, she will not be able to figure out what to do in time.

The List, first book in the series, is a novel of suspense about a happy family that gets caught between two old political powers that have always existed behind the scenes, invisible to most of the public. The two sides have battled over control for hundreds of years actively recruiting new members at a young age to groom them for politics, Wall Street, Corporate corner offices and the military. Good Old Boy networks, private clubs and political action committees were all formed with the same idea in mind to grease the wheels of life. We all want to ensure a nice, fat piece of the American pie, especially for our children. However, families find out a little too late that once they’ve joined there’s no out clause.

Now there are also new players who want to see if they can shift the balance in either direction. Instead, they’ve exposed critical information and risked being exposed. The tipping point comes when Wallis Jones, a happily married attorney, wife and mother in Richmond, Virginia, accidentally finds herself in possession of the local list of young recruits and starts to catch on to what is pulling the strings behind everything. What’s worse, she realizes her entire family took sides years ago. People she cares about are dying and time is running out as she tries to figure out whether or not it’s better to accept her legacy or follow her faith and trust that things will work out.

What if you had a good life but suddenly saw that most of it was part of a political payoff? Could you have enough faith to do the right thing?

Is it better to build the good life in exchange for a few favors or have faith that everything will work out? Everything has consequences and sometimes the choices can be deadly.

All questions about rights to any materials can be directed to: Adam Sher, Esq. Telephone: (323) 592-3423.

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What others say about the book
James Eddy, Producer
In The List, Martha Carr has crafted a slick political thriller that navigates a world laid bare with the quest for power and control. Once you pick it up you won’t be able to put it down.
Tom Purcell, Nationally Syndicated Columnist and Author
The List is a rip-roaring read from start to finish, filled with unexpected twists and narrow escapes and a tremendously satisfying payoff that I never saw coming!
Lillian Vernon, founder of Lillian Vernon Corporation
The List is one of the best thrillers I have read in years. A loving, funny family that will leave you rooting for their survival while quickly turning the page to see what happens next. A must-read for any fans of politics and Carr, a seasoned literary veteran of the game.
Martha Carr
Martha Randolph Carr is the author of five books and has a weekly blog on writing, thrillers and life in general that you can read at this site. Her newest work, The Keeper is the second in the Wallis Jones series, and is a political thriller set around the attorney, Wallis Jones her husband Norman and their son Ned. The List is the first in the series. Martha is currently at work on the third book in the series, The Circle.

Martha is also a melanoma survivor, Chi runner, occasional rower and skydiver and mother to Louie. She resides near her son in Chicago, IL, where everyone is always welcome to stay for dinner.

All questions about rights to any materials can be directed to: Adam Sher, Esq. Telephone: (323) 592-3423.

Book clubs: Please contact Louie Carr at for special offers!